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About us
We are independent
Redtree Capital (Pty) Ltd is an independent equipment rental finance company founded in 2011. We finance a variety of equipment from various manufacturers and suppliers in various industries.

Our strategic focus is not on competing with traditional banks or finance houses, but rather on approving deals that our approved suppliers' current financiers won't or can't approve, or deals that the supplier themselves is either unable or unwilling to carry on their own balance sheet.
We have a track record
We have over two decades of asset based and equipment rental finance expertise and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how Redtree Capital may be of assistance to your business in facilitating additional equipment sales.
We are a primary funder
We are not a finance broker but rather a well-funded independent finance house, funding and collecting our own deals, on our own paper - thereby taking full credit risk. While we do charge higher rates, we are not a microlenders in terms of risk appetite or rates.
We have an experienced team
Our highly-experience team includes Philip Vermeulen (Managing Director), Bruce Arnold (Financial Director), Joel Stransky (Non-Executive Director) and Mauro Ciocchetti (General Manager). We have more than two decades of expertise in the capital equipment and technology finance sectors.
Our offering
Financing solutions for every environment
Redtree Capital will consider financing various clients via their equipment suppliers for most types of equipment over periods from 12 to 60 months, and will finance deals that include settlements, software and other intangibles. We do not deal directly with end-users but rather all communication and negotiation is done directly with select manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of various types of equipment including but not limited to:
  • Office automation equipment
  • Telecoms equipment
  • IT equipment
  • Point-of-sale equipment
  • Automated teller machines
  • Security equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Audio-visual equipment
  • Industrial equipment
  • Renewable energy equipment
Why Redtree Capital?
What we can offer your business
We offer equipment suppliers an innovative rental finance solution that facilitates additional equipment sales. Where banks and other finance houses find ways to say 'No', Redtree Capital finds ways to say 'Yes' by relying on more than financial statements and ratios when making credit decisions.

Our highly-experience team includes Philip Vermeulen (Managing Director), Bruce Arnold (Financial Director), Joel Stransky (Non-Executive Director) and Mauro Ciocchetti (General Manager). Philip holds a B. Com Finance degree and is a lease finance and asset based finance specialist with over two decades of expertise in capital equipment and technology finance, and Mauro holds an honours degree in Finance and an MBA from Gannon University in Pennsylvania.
  • Redtree Capital is a primary funder and not a finance broker
  • We consider and approve credit applications that would otherwise be declined by banks and other traditional finance houses
  • We have expertise in and an understanding of the industries we finance
  • We finance new and used equipment
  • Under certain circumstances we are willing to include finance on intangibles including settlements, software, installation and training
  • We offer flexible terms and structures with deal periods from 12 to 60 months and annual escalations to suit your clients’ cash flow requirements
  • We commit to a 24 hour turnaround time on all fully compliant credit applications
  • All information relating to you, your equipment, your client and the rental agreement itself is confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party - in short we offer complete ‘base’ protection
  • A Supplier Agreement governs our supplier relationships and provides transparency, clarity and protection to both parties
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Supplier approval form
Complete the following form if you are a supplier
In order to qualify as an approved equipment supplier to Redtree Capital a supplier must, inter-alia, meet the following requirements:
  • Supply approved equipment of a recognised brand
  • Have a trading history of at least 3 years
  • Offer a broad range of product complimentary services including service and maintenance
  • Be able to demonstrate financial sustainability and a reputable presence in their industry
  • Have no adverse credit information on the business and its Principals
Under certain circumstances one or more of the above criteria may be relaxed. Terms and conditions apply.
Why rental finance?
The benefits of rental finance
EscalationsEscalations are an optionEscalations are an optionNo escalations
VATVAT paid monthlyVAT paid upfrontVAT paid upfront
InterestInterest calculated on cash price before VATInterest charged on top of VATNo interest costs, however, there is an opportunity cost
Tax deductableRental 100% tax deductable expenseInterest portion tax deductableDepreciation deductable
Financial statementOperating expense in Income StatementAppears as Asset in Financial StatementAppears as Asset in Financial Statement
DepositNo deposits requiredUsually requires upfront depositNot applicable
FlexibilityChoice of deposit, escalation, term, payment frequency, upgradability and end of term disposalLittle flexibilityNo flexibility
Existing lines of creditUnutilisedUtilisedUtilised
BudgetingNo CAPEX approval requiredCAPEX approval requiredCAPEX approval required
Equity ratiosImproves company equity and value ratiosAsset capitalised with negative impact on ratiosAsset capitalised with negative impact on ratios
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